Al Sartorelli is the Real Estate Broker and Property Manager at Alpha Real Estate.  What started out as a temporary position with a property management firm, led quickly to Al personally managing a rental portfolio of 100’s of homes with over 200 clients, listing & selling millions of dollars’ worth of Real Estate annually, & managing the in-house maintenance company. 

Dedication, desire & drive has led Al to where he is now and that’s exactly what he brings to every client with every sale.  Not only can he provide exceptional property management to protect and maintain your investment properties — he can help you find new deals to continue to build your real estate portfolio. 

Are you a renter that wants to make the jump into home ownership?  Are you a seller that needs an in-house construction/maintenance company to prepare your home to be listed on the MLS?  Al is here for all of this and more, and he welcomes you to contact him at anytime.